Now I know it's a shitload of questions, but any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Even if you know at least one answer would help me and other children in my class who will end up on the issues Google
These questions are based on chapters 1-7 in the second book.
I need it for Sunday Night, preferably before 10 pm EST.

1) What is Dickens suggests that: “In that respect, the House was much on a par with the country, which have very often disinherit his songs to suggest improvements in the laws and customs that had long been highly objectionable, but they have been more respectable “?

2) What is implied by his wife Jerry Agner “flop”, the mud on his boots and rust on his hands?

3) What is the effect of Dickens get through the scene in the house Crucnher?

4) What is the opinion of Jerry Cruncher execution by quartering?

5) For this crime is Charles Darnay on trial?

6) Where, according to their testimony does Dr. Manette and Lucie Darnay Charles meet?

7) What other popular “entertainment” does not compare Jerry to attend a trial? How to compare the two?

8) Briefly describe the charges against the Attorney General this Mr. Darnay.

9) How Mr. Solicitor General to try to discredit the testimony of Jean de Barsad?

10) How Mr. Solicitor General to try to discredit the testimony of Roger Cly is?

11) In what ways is a testimony against Mr. Miss Manette Darnay both helpful and harmful to his case.

12) How did Mr. Carton help cast doubt Mr. Stryver on the testimony of the witness who was in the mail with Mr. Lorry Dover five years ago?

13) What is revealed about the character of Mr. Carton by his behavior toward Mr. Darnay and Lucie?

14) One of the major themes of this novel is the idea that the resurrection is possible. How does this theme apply to Charles Darnay acquitted of treason?

15) Briefly describe Mr. Stryver. How can he use Mr. Carton?

16) Why is so hard to Darnay Carton?

17) What card confessed after a meeting with Darnay?

18) What is the secret of success Stryver as a lawyer?

19) Briefly describe how Carton looks when he worked at the office of Stryver.

20) What can we learn about the childhood of cardboard? What cardboard blame for his miserable life?

21) What is the significance of people claiming the jackal Stryver Carton?

22) Which traits are dominant board revealed in this chapter?

Complaint 23) Miss Pross about “hundreds of people” is an example of what figure of speech?

24) Why are the visits of these “hundreds of people,” his sentence?

25) Who is Solomon?

26) What questions to ask Dr. Lorry Mss Pross for the doctor and his shoemaking tools?

27) Why is Dr. Mannette afraid to remember his past?

28) What is suggested by the story of Sidney Carton about the letter from the prisoner in the Tower of London?

29) Commentary on Dickens's use of foreshadowing at the end of this chapter(6) as Lucie, cardboard, and Darnay discuss the crowd in the streets of London.

30) What are the two main meanings of the title of this chapter(Hundreds)?

31) What do your make Dickens the beginning of this chapter? How can it be done?(Chapter 7-Monseigneur in the city)

32) Who is the farmer-general and what is its relationship with the Bishop?

33) What happened between Bishop and the Marquis?

34) Read the following passage. What do you think of water in the fountain can symbolize in the story? “The water of the fountain ran, … so much life in the city ran into the death in accordance with the rule, time and tide waited for no man … everything has run its course. ”

any help would be greatly appreciated. I only need 75% of responses, and all I need are two quick answers for each word.

! Thank you

too many questions to expect anyone to go through them all their sponsor –

shgould You will find all the answers in this study pack …

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